The Next-Generation of Enterprise Networking

Enterprise networking is driven by the speed transition to Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, convergence of data center protocols to Ethernet, as well as government initiatives worldwide to reduce power consumption in networking equipment. The need to deploy “Green Networks” has led to the Energy Efficient Ethernet (“EEE”) standard that significantly reduces power consumption in Ethernet networks. Similar to Carrier networks, Enterprise networks and data centers are undergoing an evolution to provide more bandwidth, reliability, interoperability and scalability.

As Enterprise networks converge onto Ethernet, accurate network timing becomes increasingly important as the infrastructure becomes packet-based. Multiple analysts forecast IEEE1588v2 to be the dominant synchronization technology for mobile networks by 2015. This precise timing synchronization method is also finding use in electrical substations, power automation networks and emerging Audio Video Bridging (AVB) applications.

Vitesse is strategically advancing Ethernet technology with packet processing and timing for Carrier-class IP-based networking, signal integrity and low-power, high-speed mixed-signal circuit design. Vitesse is a leading provider of Green EEE PHY and switching products for Enterprise and consumer networking.