80 Gbps Carrier Ethernet Switch with ViSAA™, VeriTime™, MPLS/MPLS-TP, and Layer-3 Routing Support

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The VSC7468 Jaguar-2™ device targets IP Edge demarcation and aggregation equipment to deliver Enterprise and mobile backhaul services. VSC7468 is based on Vitesse Service Aware Architecture (ViSAA™), a silicon implementation that offers an unmatched level of Service Edge and Carrier Ethernet Networking features. ViSAA achieves wirespeed performance for even the most feature-rich Carrier Ethernet (CE) services. VSC7468 also integrates VeriTime™, Vitesse's patent-pending distributed timing technology that delivers the industry's most accurate IEEE 1588v2 timing implementation to meet today's LTE/LTE-A requirements. The VSC7468 Carrier Ethernet switch contains up to thirty-two 10/100/1000 Mbps SGMII/SerDes ports, twelve 10/100/1000 QSGMII ports, and four 10 Gbps XAUI/RXAUI/XFI ports. VSC7468 provides a rich set of Carrier Ethernet switching features such as hierarchical QoS, hardware-based OAM (Ethernet and MPLS/MPLS-TP) and Service Activation Testing, protection switching, and Synchronous Ethernet. Using Provider Bridging (Q-in-Q) and MPLS/MPLS-TP technology, VSC7468 delivers MEF CE 2.0 EVCs. It features advanced TCAM classification in both ingress and egress. Per-EVC features include advanced L3-aware classification, a rich set of statistics, OAM for end-to-end performance monitoring, and dual-rate policing and shaping. VSC7468 supports IPv4/IPv6 Layer-3 (L3) routing with up to 4K IPv4 (1K IPv6) unicast LPM entries and 2K IPv4 (512 IPv6) L3 multicast groups. L3 security features include source guard and reverse path forwarding tasks. VSC7468 supports Vitesse's application programming interface for easy integration with third-party application software. The device also supports Vitesse's CEServices application software, dramatically reducing customer time-to-market.

Product Variants Description
VSC7468YIH 672-pin 27 x 27 mm FCBGA lead-free
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Product Brief VSC7468 Jaguar-2 Product Brief Access Granted 1.1 02/07/2014 pdf 348 kB
Datasheet VSC7438, VSC7464, and VSC7468 Datasheet Access Restricted 2.0 03/28/2014 pdf 4 MB
Errata VSC7438, VSC7464, and VSC7468 Errata Access Restricted 1.0 04/07/2014 pdf 65 kB
Application Note Hardware-Based Up MEP OAM Support with ViSAA Access Restricted 1.0 11/18/2013 pdf 221 kB

Key Features

  • Vitesse Service Aware Architecture (ViSAA™)
  • MPLS/MPLS-TP and Layer-3 routing support
  • MEF UNI and NNI functionality
  • Hardware-based Ethernet OAM, performance monitoring, and Service Activation Testing (RFC 2544 and Y.1564)
  • Single chip 48 x 1-GbE solution
  • Hierarchical QoS for priority queuing and subscriber separation
  • Service protection (linear, ring)
  • Integrated timing (VeriTime™ and SyncE)


  • Network Interface Device
  • Ethernet/MPLS demarcation
  • Wireless and mobile backhaul
  • Ethernet Access Device

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