Crossbar Switch for use with GigaStream Queuing Engine


The GigaStream® chip set is a high performance synchronous switch fabric consisting of two integrated circuits: the GigaStream Queuing Engine (VSC872) and the GigaStream Crossbar Switch (VSC882). Targeted at the access, edge, and metropolitan markets, GigaStream enables networking equipment manufacturers to build routing and switching systems capable of providing a maximum of 80 "G" of aggregate user bandwidth with up to 320 "G" of highly available backplane bandwidth. GigaStream provides support for sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) algorithms, distinct handling for both Unicast and Multi/Broadcast traffic, as well as multi-service support for IP, ATM, and Ethernet.

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Product BriefGigaStream Product Brief Unlocked 1.0 02/22/2005 157 kB
DatasheetVSC872 and VSC882 Data Sheet Locked 4.0 02/22/2005 3 MB
DatasheetVSC872-01 and VSC882 Datasheet Locked 4.2 01/28/2013 3 MB
DatasheetVSC873 and VSC882 GigaStream Data Sheet Locked 2.0 10/10/2014 3 MB
Application NoteGigaStream VSC874-VSC872 Packet Flow Locked 1.0 04/27/2006 288 kB
Application NoteISF EDN Article Unlocked 1.0 02/22/2005 8 MB
Application NoteVSC872 and VSC882 GigaStream Special Guidelines Locked 1.0 02/22/2005 222 kB
Application NoteVSC873 and VSC882 GigaStream Special Guidelines Locked 1.0 02/22/2005 217 kB
FAQVSC872/882 FAQs Locked 1.0 02/22/2005 52 kB
User GuideVSC872 and VSC882 Programming Manual Locked 1.0 02/22/2005 403 kB
ModelVSC872/882 Models Locked 1.0 02/22/2005 138 kB
Reference DesignGigaStream VSC872 and VSC882 Device Supporting Information Locked 1.4 03/15/2005 14 MB
White PaperBuilding An Edge/Access Router with the GigaStream VSC874 Queue Manager Unlocked 1.1 12/02/2005 638 kB
White PaperEDN Article Switch Fabric Overview Unlocked 1.0 02/22/2005 69 kB
White PaperGigaStream Intelligent Switch Fabric Applications in 3G Wireless Systems Unlocked 1.1 04/28/2005 368 kB
White PaperGigaStream Switch Fabric Solutions in Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms Unlocked 1.1 04/28/2005 473 kB
White PaperIXP2400 Network Processor / Vitesse GigaStream Switch Fabric Solution Unlocked 1.0 02/22/2005 189 kB
White PaperMulti-Service Platforms with Standards-Based NPU and Switch Fabric Devices (Lightwave On-line Feature Article - Dec 2003) Unlocked 1.0 03/17/2005 34 kB
White PaperStandards-Based NPU/Switch Fabric Devices for Next-Generation Multi-Service Platforms Access (Communications Design Conference P Unlocked 1.0 03/15/2005 58 kB
White PaperVPN Network Appliances: Vitesse Architecture and Hardware Components Unlocked 1.1 04/28/2005 406 kB
White PaperWhy Modern Switch Fabrics use a Fixed-Size Frame Format Unlocked 1.0 03/17/2005 48 kB
ReportsFirst Level Product Qualification Report foe VSC882TY Locked 1.0 10/22/2014 27 kB
ReportsFirst Level Product Qualification Report foe VSC882XTY Locked 2.0 10/17/2014 63 kB
ReportsFirst Level Product Qualification Report for VSC882XTY Amkor K4 Locked 1.0 10/17/2014 98 kB
ReportsVSC882TY Material Composition Declaration Locked 3.0 10/22/2014 23 kB
ReportsVSC882XTY Material Composition Declaration - Amkor Locked 1.0 10/17/2014 23 kB
ReportsVSC882XTY Material Composition Declaration - UTAC Locked 4.0 10/17/2014 22 kB
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