IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet

EEE is in demand today. Design engineers increasingly build energy-efficient technologies directly into Ethernet network equipment to deliver energy savings and cost efficiency to end-users. Broadened public awareness, a surge in network usage and adoption of global legislation has increased demand for networking equipment that operates more efficiently and results in a positive impact for businesses, consumers and the environment.

Vitesse was the first Ethernet silicon supplier to deliver green innovative features that provide energy savings of more than 80-percent compared to 1000BASE-T full data rate in any network infrastructure device or consumer premise equipment incorporating its widely adopted SimpliPHY™ GE physical layer ICs and SparX™ Enterprise Ethernet switch ICs. It continues its commitment to energy efficiency innovation with its latest generation of EcoEthernet™ functionality.

Vitesse's EcoEthernet 2.0 is the latest generation of its award-winning EEE technology, delivering unprecedented energy-efficiency for Ethernet networks. With its unique features such as ActiPHY™ automatic link-power down and PerfectReach™ intelligent cable algorithm, Vitesse's Ethernet ICs now offer IEEE 802.3az idle power savings, temperature monitoring, smart fan control, and adjustable LED brightness.

What Is Vitesse ActiPHY?

ActiPHY is a unique Vitesse energy-efficiency technology that goes beyond IEEE 802.3az specifications to automatically lower power for unused ports. ActiPHY restores power by detecting the presence of link pulses. It can also be programmed to send periodic link pulses to allow another sleeping device the opportunity to wake up.

What Is Vitesse PerfectReach?

PerfectReach is an intelligent algorithm for Ethernet energy-efficiency that actively detects the presence of a shorter cable and then adapts the PHY to a lower power level, thereby saving the energy otherwise used for the full 100 meters of cable length specified by the IEEE 802.3az standard.

Ruggedized Features For Industrial Ethernet Networking

EcoEthernet temperature monitoring and fan control is ideal for temperature sensitive applications such as industrial Ethernet platforms. Vitesse switches using EcoEthernet v2.0 and PHYs with integrated temperature monitoring can be set to interrupt the host in the case of an alarm situation. These programmable monitoring and polling features help lower BOM cost, improve reliability, and limit the amount of energy used for thermal management.

Vitesse's energy-efficient ICs are optimized for next-generation Ethernet networking in mobile and cloud access, wired and wireless backhaul, and industrial Internet of Things. Find your local Vitesse sales office to learn more.


Vitesse Energy Efficient Ethernet
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