VScope™ Applications

VScope Waveform

Direct Signal Integrity Analysis
VScope is Vitesse's patented technology that provides an accurate, graphical view of high speed data signals at the IC’s receiver. By scanning a signal after the IC equalization, but before conversion to a digital stream, a true picture can be obtained of the input signal and the equalization performance.

This in-line diagnostic not only takes advantage of equalization, but also avoids inherent inaccuracies with measurements taken at the input to the IC. Outside probing can only approximate the actual signal and can introduce capacitive loading and other inaccuracies.

The accuracy of the scan data is further enhanced by the fact that the same circuits handle both waveform scanning and data acquisition, ensuring an exact correlation between data and measurement.

Unlimited System Diagnostics
VScope diagnostics go beyond standard capabilities and enable revolutionary new applications. The technology not only augments design testing, but also creates opportunities for remote diagnostics and monitoring of ongoing system health. Free of the limits imposed by an external – and costly – oscilloscope, design engineers can access and share the waveform scan data through a simple controller interface. Moreover, by transporting the scan data in the packet overhead, this diagnostic information can be accessed in real-time from anywhere in the network.